Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Projects

Made some really cute stitch markers this week, they are little sheep, 3 white and one black. I am also working on a wrap sweater, it will be gorgous. Bought the pattern at Loops, http://www.loopsknitting.com/ . Can't wait to post a pic of the finished project. We got our order of yarn in today so I will be very very busy for the next few days.
My little 9 yo daughter gets out of school for the summer and immediately leaves for 3 weeks, I am going to miss her so much.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

So Much to say..

Well we have been very very busy. Friday was a very busy, exciting, and just plain enjoyable. First I found a new friend last week and we got to meet, drink coffee, eat, knit, and just chat ALL day long. Since I rarely get to meet someone like me, it was great to get to sip coffee and talk. We spent about 6 hrs in the Utica Square shopping center, we hit Starbucks (ofcourse), the Pottery Barn, Bath and Body and last but not least Loops a Yarn Store. On that topic Loops will be carrying our hand painted yarn starting in about 3 weeks. YEAH I hope I am doing the right thing with this, but Etsy is just not moving fast enough. Well I gotta go dye some yarn. Be back soon.


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wow lots goin on

This first picture is on the newest addition to my home. Amazing huh! I have attempted a little spinning on it, but since I know nothing about spinning on a great wheel it was not the most productive. Going to be doing a lot of research and it ought to be fun.
Second is the socks i am currently working on, finished the first one last night. They will be a gift but can't say for who just yet.
Third is the shawl i made for a new friend. I took it to her yesterday and really think she liked it. I sure hope so!
We are about to start a contest on our blog http://temptedyarns.blogspot.com/ "name that yarn and win it" Hope we will have a great responce. Go check it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My Lace

I have been working on this every once in a while for over a year. I am intent on finishing it soon I hope. There are 193 rounds and I am on 111, I got a ways to go. I was inspired by another blog I was reading or maybe it was on the shawl yahoo group, anyway I saw a shawl that was similar and the woman finished it in a month and a half. I got to thinking of all the other things I have finished since I started this and it is quite a lot. Socks, sweaters, shrugs, cardigans, and a jacket well I haven't been lazy just distracted. I have not shown a pic of this and thought it was about time. Once it is off the needles I will post a pic of it again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tempted Yarns

I am very excited to announce the birth of a new family business "Tempted Hand Painted Yarns" my step-daughter and I are having a great time playing with the yarn. It has been fun and out of 8 skeins of yarn 5 are sold. We put them up on Etsy at www.temptedyarns.etsy.com and we also started a blog with the adventures of Tempted at http://temptedyarns.blogspot.com/. Hope this will be a good and profitable venture guess we'll just have to wiat and see.
On the knitting and spinning front I started to count how many projects I have on needles and I think it is only 4 not to bad, my lace shawl, lace socks, cables socks, and a scarf for a friend from her handspun. I also spun about 350 yds of an Alpaca/wool blend, I like it though I may still overdye it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Will knit for Fiber

Got a great deal going for me, a local sheep rancher/spinner would like to have some handknit items from her own herd, but she is not much of a knitter. Let me do it for you I will knit for fiber. So now I am on my 3rd pair of socks and we have plans for possibly 1 cardigan and 1 pullover sweater. Not a bad deal for either of us I think.
I also have new neighbors my oldest step-daughter and her husband. They are both great, love having them around. The best news is that I think I might get her hooked on knitting, can you imagine she thought it was just for little old ladys! Well after looking at a ton of hip, exciting and a few goth blogs she figured out that women her age are very good knitters and designers. I am hoping that this will open up some awesome possibilities. You see I am well spastic, unorganized, and distracted, she is (useing her own words) OCD, very organized and methodical. What a combanation I think it may be an amazing colaboration, I think I have some great ideas for some sexy stuff and she has the smarts to make it happen. I love it. We will have to wait and see if she loves it or not. No matter what I love haveing her as a neighbor.
Yesterday we started our new adventure in dyeing yarn, we started with some of my handspun yarns and today we are going to do a few science projects. See she is so smart what I saw as just playing around with yarn she can turn it into a science project with notes and everything. I love it. I will get pics of our new yarns on here soon. Hope someone reads this and finds it slightly interesting.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My newest creation and I am very proud of it. Pattern is from 'DomiKNITrix' by Jennifer Stafford, I love her patterns, and I love the way she knits. It is fitted better than most and I do love it but part of what I love about my hoodie is that I spun all the wool myself.
It took me about 4 days of spinning to get it all done and I mean 4 days from morning to night. I bought 4lb of 100% Wool from Jessica Eastin (can't remember her farm name) the wool was no particular breed but the color was delicious. Love at first sight, (dreamy music begins to play as Antonio Banderas speaks) Her eyes fell upon the emerald mound from across the crowded room and it was like she was alone ---screech--- until some other women tried to touch it and then she began to hurriedly talk to the merchant. Sold its mine all mine. Had no idea what i was going to do with it at first until, January when I received DomiKNITrix by way of Amazon and it all became clear it wanted to be a hoodie. What a beautiful and warm hoodie it is. Well according to me anyway. I gotta get a better pic but this will have to do for now.
I have got a great deal going for me right now I will knit for fleece. Currently working on 4 pairs of socks for a very kind and generous women who happens to have sheep, goats and alpaca. I think it will work out for both of us. Got one sock done now gotta cast on the next. Well enough for now. Happy Knitting